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Mei Mei of Lexington is a home-based jewelry business started over 10 years ago by Architect and Designer Henrietta Mei.
Henrietta had studied Architecture at Cornell University and went on to study Urban Design for her Masters. Her training as an architect and Urban Designer greatly influenced her thought process in her created pieces.
Each piece of jewelry is meticulously designed and crafted by her. Every piece is unique and an art in itself. Her jewelry is exquisite and tasteful.
After practicing 15 years as an architect along with the birth of her 'Mei Mei', she had decided to stay home to take care of her two daughters. Jewelry became a way to release her creativity from the home. Mei Mei in Chinese means little sister, however, it also means 'pretty pretty'. Mei Mei of Lexington really means 'Pretty Pretty of Lexington'. It is not by chance that her married last name is Mei, spelt the same way.
Henrietta is also the Mei Mei of her family of origin. That’s how the business name came into being. Mei Mei of Lexington.
This black bird was selected as the logo for Mei Mei of Lexington due to its elegance with a breast full of accents. The business card design was created at the very start of the business back in 2002. A few weeks after the graphics was committed, Henrietta was working in the dining room where most of her works were created back then. Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the French door. She looked up to find a little black bird fell dead on her patio table after flying into the French door. What a strange way to start a business! Since then, it’s been 10 years of success.
Henrietta’s jewelry had been on exhibit at the Depot Square Gallery in Lexington Massachusetts over the Holidays. They were also sold at one point through The Muse’s Window in Lexington and Off the Wall in Newburyport. Henrietta also exhibits at the Crane Estate usually in early December. Her table is usually under the portrait of “Henrietta Maria Waliscot”, an Irish Countess. However, you can find her selling through craft fairs, town days, Lexington Farmer’s market, fundraisers and home parties.
There was also a writeup on Henrietta in the Minuteman paper in Lexington.
Check out her Show Schedule to find a show where you can check out her works of art.
It is her hope that her jewelry will bring each bearer much enjoyment and receives much compliments.
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